Under the Singapore Copyright Act, Chapter 63, the unauthorised re-recording, public performance, broadcasting and inclusion in a cable programme of any cinematograph films including karaoke and music videos embodied in video cassette tapes, laser discs, VCDs, DVDs, etc., constitutes an infringement of the rights of that record company. AN APPROPRIATE LICENCE IS THEREFORE REQUIRED BEFORE ANY SUCH ACTS MAY TAKE PLACE.

The following unauthorised acts amount to infringement of copyright:

  • causing music videos to be seen in public
  • causing karaoke to be seen in public
  • broadcasting the karaoke and/or music videos including transmission by satellite
  • transmission of the karaoke and/or music videos by cable programme service
  • the reproduction or re-recording by any means of sound recordings, karaoke and/or music videos

Such unauthorised acts may render the infringer liable to civil proceedings and/or criminal prosecution.