Tariffs for the Public Performance of Music Videos

(Excluding Karaoke Videos, Laser Discs, VCDs and DVDs)
(All tariffs are subject to GST at the applicable rate)

Category A

For nightclubs, discotheques, pubs and lounges, etc. (whether or not facilities for dancing are provided).

Rate (Per Site Per Annum)
1 to 60 seats $ 900.00
61 to 120 seats $ 1,800.00
121 seats and above $ 2,700.00

Category B

For food courts, cafes, restaurants and fitness clubs. Foyer, function rooms and meeting rooms use in hotels, social clubs and shopping centres, etc.

Rate (Per site per annum) $ 1,500.00

Category C

For chain stores, departmental stores and other business premises not specifically referred to in any other category.

Rate (Per Site Per Annum)
1) 1 monitor $ 200.00
2) Up to 3 monitors $ 400.00
3) Up to 5 monitors $ 500.00
4) Above 5 monitors $ 650.00
5) Video Wall, Projector $1,650.00

Category D

For ad-hoc events:

1) Blanket ad-hoc licence for exhibitions, trade shows, conventions, etc.
- S$1,300.00 per week per site per event
- and S$550.00 for the subsequent week or part thereof

2) Other "one-off" single events
- S$110.00 per week per site
- S$330.00 per month per site


  1. Seating capacity is taken to be the number of people that the rooms and/or common singing halls can accommodate according to the Public Entertainment Licence.
  2. Floor area is taken to be the total floor area of the establishment.
  3. Tariffs are payable in advance unless otherwise indicated.
  4. The above categories are only a guide and are not exhaustive. RIPS may amend or add to the above categories without notice being given to the applicant.
  5. The classification of any establishment shall be at the sole discretion of RIPS.

Forms & Download

  • Application Form And Terms & Conditions

    Public Performance of Music Videos Licence

    To apply for a licence, please print and complete the downloaded application form and submit it to Recording Industry Performance Singapore Pte Ltd ("RIPS") with the required supporting documents.

    Grant of the Public Performance of Music Videos licence is subject to approval and acceptance of the licence application by RIPS and compliance by the licence applicant with all of the terms & conditions appended to the application form (including payment of the licence fees). Each licence applicant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. Downloading the licence application form does not constitute the grant of the licence by RIPS.