Public Performance

The Public Performance Licence

Application for a Public Performance of Karaoke and/or Music Videos licence should be made through RIPS. A licence will be granted to the applicant subject to the terms and conditions stated in the application form and payment of the appropriate fee.

The purchase of a video cassette tape, laser disc, VCD or DVD is strictly limited to home use and does not give the purchaser any right to play that video cassette tape, laser disc, VCD or DVD in public. Therefore, a licence must be secured in advance of any public performance of karaoke and/or music videos.

The licence gives permission to use all or any of the karaoke and music videos, the copyright in which is owned by or exclusively licensed to the recording companies listed in the application form.

Licence fees are generally assessed under the standard tariffs and are granted either on an annual basis or to cover "one-off" single events. Usage which does not fall into the standard tariffs (including multi-media, internet, etc.) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Enquiries should be made to RIPS.

Karaoke and/or music videos are being used in public premises, such as:

  • Bars, Pubs and Lounges;
  • Boutiques / Shops and Departmental Stores;
  • Cafes and Restaurants;
  • Community Centres;
  • Discotheques;
  • Health / Fitness Centres;
  • Hotels;
  • KTV Rooms / Karaoke Lounges;
  • Member / Private Clubs (e.g Alumni Clubs, Company Clubs, Golf / Country Clubs, Union Clubs);
  • Night Clubs;
  • Shopping Complexes; and
  • Exhibitions.